Sunday, June 3, 2012

Being the Mistress: Is it Worth It?
Falling in love with a married man is something women have been doing for a long time. Being a mistress is nothing new, but is it worth it?

So many women get involved with a married man because he makes promises of leaving his wife and getting into a committed relationship with them, and they usually end up waiting forever for him or end up just being his mistress- nothing more. The first thing you need to do before getting officially involved with a married man is to ask yourself some serious questions. The following questions will help you decide whether or not being a mistress is worth it.
Why a Married Man? It is important that you ask yourself why you would want to get involved with a married man in the first place? There are plenty of single men out there for you to get to know. If you did not know he was married at first, then perhaps you should ask yourself if you would want to get involved with a man who lied to you about his marital status.
Prepared to be Second Priority? One thing you should always keep in mind is that his wife and family will always come before you, no matter how many problems he claims to have at home. Keeping you as his secret mistress is an obvious sign that he is not ready to lose his spouse. If he was, then he would just leave her and be with you, but instead- he has chosen to spare her the pain and embarrassment because he loves her- and will continue to keep you a secret for as long as you let him. Are you ready to be second priority?
Self-Esteem Check. Being a mistress will play a big role on your self-esteem, making you slowly start to feel bad about yourself. You will feel alone and not important, because all you are is a secret mistress- no matter how much he tells you he loves you- you will still not be getting that official healthy committed relationship that you will eventually need and want for yourself. So do not neglect yourself and be sure to do a self-esteem check.
Are you ready to wait a long time? Getting involved with a married man is complicated and the relationship will be filled with repeated promises that will work at first, but will later leave you feeling helpless and restless. He will never just drop his wife and family for you, so ask yourself if you are ready to wait a long time for him to finally finalize his divorce- if he gets one. It is common for men to decide that they want to make their marriage work after all, so are you ready to not just wait a long time, but perhaps even end up not being with him in the end?
These are all essential question that you must answer honestly. Sure, having an affair can be fun, but when that stage of excitement slowly wears off and you enter another stage where you crave that closeness of an official one on one committed relationship
then you will start feeling the stress and pain of being a mistress. There are of course chances that he will end up leaving his wife for you- but is it worth waiting around to find out if that will happen? There are no guarantees


"Everyday hindi mo siguro mabibilang ang mga taong maiinlove, but you have to find your target. In order to win you have to understand that this is a game of temptation but you have to be discreet. So discreet that mustn't all notice that you're tempted. Kunwari hindi ka interesado, now let them see your pursuit, don't let go.And when that moment comes act fast, never ever look desperate. Never, you see this is your game and show who's in control. - Ram"

ANNE CURTIS’ LINES from No Other Woman

“No pressure! And kiss me and don’t you dare fall in love with me.

- Kara Zalderiaga”

“You will only be called a mistress when there’s an emotional attachment. I’m not a mistress.

- Kara Zalderiaga”
“We’re just two consenting adults having fun, there’s no emotional attachment. - Kara Zalderiaga”

“Anong gagawin niyo if the only man that you love is unfortunately married!

- Kara Zalderiaga”

“I’m not gonna give up Ram without putting up a god damn fight!

- Kara Zalderiaga”

“You can call me whatever you want,SNAKE, BITCH or OTHER WOMAN, but I promise you,

I will never be a PATHETIC and BORING housewife.

- Kara Zalderiaga”

“Every day I’m trying to convince myself na mamahalin din nya ako, pero sayo pa din sya umuuwi.

- Kara Zalderiaga”

“I don’t need to read your research report. I know the market because I am the market.

- Kara Zalderiaga”

“Paano mo naman malalaman na masarap pala pag di mo titikman?

Kahit alam mong bawal, labanan mo cos’ eventually your body will just get used to it.

- Kara Zalderiaga”

“Gagawin ko ang lahat huwag mo lang akong iiwan!

- Kara Zalderiaga”


- Kara Zalderiaga”


“Mababaliw siguro ako kung malaman kong may babae siya.  Baka mapatay ko yung kabit, silang dalawa actually.

- Charmaine Escaler”
“bakit ko ipaglalaban ang alam kong akin – Charmaine Escaler”

“Tsaka ano bang mahirap kalaban? Yung putang mahirap o yung putang mayaman?

- Charmaine Escaler”

“Ayoko na! Ayoko na! Alam ko naman eh, ang sakit lang, ang sakit sakit lang

nung marinig ko. Hindi ko dapat ginagawa to pero ginagawa ko to

dahil mahal na mahal kita!

- Charmaine Escaler”

“Sabi nila, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Sa ganda mong yan, siguro madami kang alam na shortcuts.

- Charmaine Escaler”

“Alam mo kasi ang marriage parang exclusive village.

Kailangan mong bantayan para hindi makapasok ang mga squatters.

- Charmaine Escaler”

DEREK RAMSAY LINES from No Other Woman

- Ram Escaler”

 “Ang laki ng kasalanan ko, hindi ko na maayos to!

- Ram Escaler”

Other Character LINES from No Other Woman
 “Ang mundo ay isang malaking Quiapo, maraming snatcher, maagawan ka, lumaban ka! – Carmi Martin”
“Ganyan talaga ang makating Dikya, Nagmamarka! - Carmi Martin”
“Panahon na para i-pack mo na yang Lucy Torres mo, ilabas mo na diyan si Gretchen Barretto, anak ako na ang bahala sa red stilettomo! - Carmi Martin”
“Kung ahas siya mas ahas ako! Tahimik pero kapag kinanti, nanunuklaw. – Carmi Martin”
“Pareparehong puta lang yun! Ang mayaman bumibili ng hermes sa mall, ang mahirap bumibili ng hermes sa greenhills. – Carmi Martin”
“Having fun? Ngayon yes fun!  Pero paano pag iniwan ka na niya? Paano pag pinili na niya ang asawa niya?  Paano pag na skandalao na ang pamilya mo?  Fun pa rin ba! – Ricci Chan”
“Meron ba ditong paparty ni barney na hindi ko alam? – Kitkat”

No Other Woman Movie Dialogues

“ Kara: Are you here to make a scene???

Charmaine: Only if you have an affair with my husband, meron ba???”

“Charmaine: Why don’t you have dinner with us tonight, pa thank you ko na rin dahil kinuha mo ang asawa ko.

Kara: I’m sorry?

“Charmaine: Bilang supplier ng furniture para sa resort niyo.”

“Kara: Anything I can do to help you?

Charmaine: Naku huwag na, mamaya makita mo na nilalagyan ko ang pagkain mo ng lason.”

Thursday, December 15, 2011

cOuziNs -Thanks to you




Thursday, December 1, 2011

J.R.A. - By Chance (You & I) Lyrics


Girl, you just caught my eye
thought I should give it a try
and get your name and your number
go grab some lunch and eat some cucumbers

I don't know why.
But you're smilin' and it's something' I like
on your face, yeah it suits you
Girl, we connect like we have bluetooth

I don't know why
I'm drawn to you
Could you be the other one so we'd equal two?
And this is all based on a lucky chance
that you would rather add than subtract

You and I
could be like Sonny and Cher
honey and bears
You and I
could be like Aladdin and Jasmine
lets make it happen

La La's

How've you been?
I know that it's been awhile.
Are you tired 'cause you've been on my mind
runnin' thousand and thousands of miles
Sorry, I know that line's outta style
but you
you look so beautiful on this starry night
[ From: ]
loving the way the moonlight catches your eyes and your 
I'm captivated
your beauty is timeless never outdated

I don't know why
I'm drawn to you
Could you be the other one so we'd equal two?
and this is all based on a lucky chance
that you would rather add than subtract

You and I 
could be like Sonny and Cher
Honey and bears 
you and i could be like Aladdin and Jasmine lets make 
it happen 

La La's 

It's been 5 years since that special day
when I asked you on our first date
I guess it's safe to say

You and I 
are better than Sonny and Cher
Honey and bears 
You and I
Are better than Aladdin and Jasmine 
We've made it happen


Let me say
You look so beautiful on our wedding day


The minute that I saw you...I fell so deeply in love...I was so in awe of you...I swore you were an angel from above...I love you more and more each day...You bring me so much joy...To me you are an angel...The most special little boy...I could sit and watch you..Smile and laugh...No words could ever really express...How much that I love you...How my world is fuller now..I will always be next to you...Watching over every step you take...I promise to guide you...Through decisions you must make...Please go through life now...Be the best person you can...I will always be with you..From being my precious little baby...To being a grown up man...I LOVE YOU bhabyqoi... :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just want to share this with you guys… kahit pa’no totoo… para sa mga may bf… nawa’y may mapulot kayo dito…
What a girl needs most is love. What a guy needs most is respect. The most important thing for a girl is her heart. For a guy its his ego.
Give your man his own time and space.  Let him have his time for his friends, sports, family, self and GodThe relationship will grow old quickly if lagi kayong magkasama.  Give him time to miss you and you’ll see how he will love you more.  If the guy naman is obsessed and just wants to be with you all the time, tell him you can’t respect a “ puppy “ for long.
Do things differently anytime.  Para kahit matagal na kayo, there’s always something fresh and new.  Variety is the spice of life, exciting baga?
Discover something you both like to do and enjoy it TWOgether.  Doon naman sa mga bagay na magkaiba ang hilig nyo, compliment each other by learning about it kahit konti.  If you love someone, ‘yung effort niyo to try will go alooooong way to understanding him later pag may disagreement kayo.
Pray with holding hands.  Sounds corny noh? Maybe, but its very powerful.  ‘Pag may takot sa Diyos ang boyfriend mo, kampante ka na hindi ka niya lolokohin, because he knows God sees everything he does in secret.  Ikaw na ang magkusa that before you part after date, with hold hands and eyes closed, pray to God to bless you two.  Believe me it’s effective.
Kailanman ‘di corny ang magdasal.
Believe in “magic”.  Kahit ‘di minsan practical o walang logical na dahilan, o matrabaho, o sound crazy sa iba, do sweet little things for the one you love kahit magmukha ka ng timang.  The memories will be fun to recall later in life.  The corniest song o gift o letter ang laging kabog!
True love brings out the best in each other.  Find something good in your boyfriend and nurture it, encourage it and syempre, ENJOY it.
It’s healthy to fight. Doon nyo lang maaayos ang mga differences nyo at natetest ang tatag ng relationship.  Doon mo din sya makikilala ng mabuti.  It’s called test of fire.  Di mahalaga how dalas you fight, what matter is how often you make bati.  Mas nakakatakot ‘yung relasyong sobrang perfect at laging Masaya.  One big fight and that’s it! And diba mas kilig ‘yung malambing na… “ uy, bati na tayo…”.
But don’t overdo it, kakapagod naman din na lagi na lang manuyo o magsorry.  Choose the battles na papatulan mo.  The little issues, palampasin na.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.
Daraan sa iba’t ibang stage ang love especially ‘pag matagl na kayo.  Grow with it, don’t expect him to be like nung una.  ‘Coz like a student, di na ituturo sa grade 6 ‘yung lesson na pang grade 2.  Change WILL happen… You both will change and your love WILL change to.  It’s up to you na lang if the change will be for the better or for the worse.  Life is about growth.  Grow with it. 
When breakup comes and it’s time to say goodbye, don’t doubt the love because it didn’t last.  May mga bagay sa buhay na hindi man nagtatagal, it doesn’t mean di na ito totoo.  Some good things are just never meant to last forever.  Okay lang ‘yun.  Bless the parting and move on.  Expect tears, sorrow, sleepless nights and pain.  Ika nga “ It’s when you hurt the worse that you love the most.”  Kung di ka willing masaktan, ‘wag ka na lang magmahal.
Life is balance.  And love is both holding on and letting go.  Know when to fight for your man and when to let him go.  God will guide you kung anong dapat gawin sa kung anong sitwasyon.  So dapat mataas ang signal ng langit sa cellphone ng puso mo to know his wisdom.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

aLa lang...

nde ka dpt naiinip sa mga bagay na alam mo naman na dadating...magging mali lang ang mainip kapag alam mu naman na nde na dadating....pero inaatay mun prn...:c

Friday, May 14, 2010


 he's a FLIRT....

hndi nya aqOh mahaL...niLandi nyA lang aqoh...

at ngaung ngbago na dw xah...msasabi nya pa kaya sakiN ang salitang "MAHAL KITA"...

gus2 qOh ba 2ng ngyayari???



Monday, April 26, 2010

Sabi ni nEwtOn:

"every actiOn hAs an equaL and baLance rEactiOn."

kaya pag mAy sumampaL sa'yO nG malakas...
paniguradO nasaktan riN yuNg kamay nUng sumampaL sa'yO..

gNun din kaya sa pag-ibig?

paG nskatan ka nG taOng mahaL mO...
nsakatan rN kaya xah?.,:(

***4wardEd qOute***

naicp qOh lan..panoh pg cnuntok moh ung pader?.,
nasasaktan rn kea c pader?.,
pano pg cnaksak mu ung sarili mu ng kutsilyo?.,
masasaktan rn ba c kutsilyo?.,

Sunday, April 25, 2010

tAma... :))

kUng wLa kanG ngagawaNg tama nOwadaYs...ayOs laNg uN...atLeast may nagawa ka kht maLi...bUkas gawa ka uLet para masaya...Msarap mag-ipOn ng kamaLian..paG marami ka Ng naipOn...magigiNg magaLing kaNg taga-payO sa mGa tuLad mOng taLunan. Pag ngyari yUn...magigiNg mkabuluhan aNg iyOng buhay dahiL nakatuLong ka sa kapwa...duN mg-uumpisa aNg pag-gawa mO ng tama... :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ang hirap mgmove-oN...:((

aixt!.,nahihirapan tlga aqOh mg move-oN skania...nskatan n aqoh mxado pero pkiramdam qoh nangingibabaw prn ung pgmamahal qoh sa knya...gaga qOh tlga!.,bkt pa kc sa dinami dami ng lalake jan xah pa...bkt ba aqoh ngpapakatanga sa knya?,xah na mismo gumawa ng dhiLan pra layuan at iwasan qoh xah...bUt still i keep my self loving and wanting him 2 be back agen...T.T

i miss him so much...mga kalokohan namn...mga pgpapatawa,pagpapangiti pang-iinis at pang-aaxar nya sakin...lht2...pti ung pagtwag nya skin at pag-uusap namin sa fon hnggang mdaling arw...pag-uusap namn sa txt na kht ualang kabuluhan eh 2matagal kmi hnggang mdaling arw...nde qoh na ngagawa un ngaun..:c

bkt qoh nga b xah minahal?.,nver pa kmi ngkita personally...nvr qoh pa xah nkasama...nver qoh pa nramdaman ung yakap nya...txt,call at chat lan ung mediums of communication namin...

ewan qoh ba...nagicng nlang aqoh isang araw mhal qoh na xah...nde qoh n alam kung panoh qoh pa sya kakalimutan..sana sa pag gcng qoh sa susunod n mga arw nde n xah laman ng puso msasabi qong nkapag MOVE-ON n tlga aqoh...


"pinakamahirap dw na parte pag ngmamahal ka ang mgpalaya...di aqoh naniniwala...mas mhirap ang taOng matagal mOh ng pinalaya" :c

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

OMG! bUntis aqOh!


iyak dito...iyak dUn...para na aqong maloloka sa ngyayari sakin nuNg malaman qong prEgy aqoh. Wala aqong ginawa kUndi magkuLong sa kwarto,umiyak,walang gana kumain,prang mas gus2 ko pang mabulok nalang sa kwarto ko kEsa lumabas at humarap sa mga tao. Halos gumuho mundo ko nun,pakiramdam koh wasak n wasak na buhay ko,halo-haLong emosyon,kahihiyan,naawa rN aqoh sa magulang qoh,natakot ako harapin ung responsibilidad,hndi koh alam gagawin ko,hindi pa aqoh ready maging "INA"!

Oct. 8,2009 naconfirm namin na pregy aqoh. Nagpa-ultrasound kami ni mama, 8am pa lang andun na kmi sa clinic (excited?.,hehe). Pagdating namin sarado pa,kaya naupo muna kmi ni mama habang nag-aantay. Tahimik lang aqoh,problemado tlga aqoh,kinakabahan aqoh sobra,pero c mama relax lang,nagawa nya pa nga aqong biruin,natuwa naman aqoh kc pakiramdam ko nung tym na un whatever happen tanggap ni mama. Dumating na ung sonographer (ung nag u-ultrasound), ako ung unang pasyente, ayun na inultrasound n aqoh. 6mos. pregy dw, baby boy..shOckz!.,uala na aman aqong nagawa kundi umiyak, pero c mama relax prn, imbis na pagalitan nya aqoh, inintndi nya ung ctwasyon koh, kinausap nya aqoh, ganito sabi ni mama "buntis ka nga tlaga, hayaan mo na, di lang naman ikaw ung nagkaganyan, di lang naman sau ngyari yan, wag ka na umiyak, di naman aqoh galit sau, wag mo intndihin sasabihin sau ng mga tao,aqoh n bahala mgsbi sa papa mo,tahan na makakasama yan sa baby mo, sa apo ko."(uuyyy...apo dw?.,heheh)

pag-uwi namin, magulo prn utak koh, di prn aqoh makapaniwala sa ngya2ri sakin, maya2 nagsipuntahan n mga tita qoh sa bahay namin. lahat cla speechless sa narinig na balita, pero sinuportahan prn nla aqoh,k2lad ng ginawa sakin ni mama,pinaramdam nla sakin na ok lang lht,inencourage nla aqoh,lage nlang cnasabi na pagsubok yan sau dapt kayanin moh,anjan na yan kaya tanggapin moh nlang,ginawa moh yan dpat panindigan moh,matapang ka db?.,ou mtapang nga aqoh. Kinagabihan, anjan n aman c kaba, kinakabahan aqoh sa pgdating ni papa. natatakot aqoh baka sapakin aqoh (hehe). kaya aun kulong ult sa kwarto,hindi kumain at balik ulet sa drama, iyak ng iyak. Umaga na ng makita ko c papa, alam qoh alam na nya ung "bad news", halata sa muka nya na hindi xah nakatulog at problemado talaga. Tahimik sa bahay, ni isa ualang gus2ng mgsalita,nakakapanibago tlaga. nilapitan qoh c mama na nakaupo at malalim iniicp. kinausap koh xah.

umakyat aqoh pra kausapin c papa, andun pla xa sa kwarto ko, kinabahan n naman aqo, natakot aqoh bka pagalitan nya aqoh pero bahala na. Tumingin xah sakin, hindi aqoh mkapgsalita, prang ang bigat bigat ng bibig koh nun pra ibuka at mglabas ng salita, wala n aqong nagawa kundi umiyak, lumapit sakin c papa, niyakap nya aqoh, very touching ung moment na un, naiiyak prn aqoh pag naaalala koh. habng yakap aqoh ni papa, dun koh sa wakas nsabi ung gus2 kong sabihin, sorry aqoh ng sorry.

Days had past. palaki na ng palaki tyan qoh. hndi na magkasya sakin ung mga damt qoh at uniform, kaya nagcmula na aqong mgsuot ng mga maternity dress. keri lang!.,hehe...panay narn pacheck-up namin ni mama, nung una mejo nahihiya pa aqoh kc sa lht ng mga ngpapacheck-up dun sa clinic aqoh lang ung mukang bata at mama ang kasama nde asawa. ehehe...mejo asar rn aqoh kc ang daming bawal,madalas qoh pa makalimutan ung mga vitamins na dapat qong inumin. Ang daming payo sakin ng mga matatanda bout sa pagbubuntis qoh, kesyo wag gagawin ung ganito ganyan, wag kakain ng mga gnun, kelangan laging mg ganito...bwl ang gnyan...blah..blah...blah...etc!.,pero dhil sa paxaway aqoh....nde qoh lht cnusunod yun!.,hehehe

maraming nabago sakin cmula ng mabuntis aqoh. marami aqong natutunan at narealize sa buhay. nilakasan qoh loob qoh pra harapin ung pagsubok na un, at hinanda qoh ung sarili qoh sa pwdeng mngyari sakin kinabukasan at sa susunod pang mga araw at panahon. tiniis qoh ung kahihiyan, natutunan qoh nrn tanggapin ung ngyari sakin. masasabi qong maswerte prn tlga aqoh dhil mayroon aqong pamilya, mga kamag-anak at kaibigan na ka2lad nla. nde nla aqoh pinabayaan, cnuportahan nila aqoh, pinaramdam nla sakin na nde aqoh nag-iisa at kht gnun ung ngyari sakin nde nla aqoh jinudge at nde ngbago ung tingin at turing nla sakin.

*para sa mga nagtataka at nagtatanong kung asan na ung nkabuntis sakin...aixt!.,don't mind him...salamat nlang saknya at bingyan nya aqoh ng cute na baby...:D

Monday, January 11, 2010

tExt LovEr...ex-LovEr...

-- mGa naisaLbang txt messages nya sakiN sa cp qOh --

Aug. 30, 2009
..i love u bOo... XD

Aug. 30, 2009
...di k hagdan. Di k bangin... Isa kang trahedya... At nhhrapan aqng malayo k...

Aug. 31, 2009
...uhm... Mtgal n ktang gs2 sa bp plng... Kya lng di aq ngkkOment sau. Kkhya nmn kxe... Di aq ckat. Di m aq klala. Kya ayun. D2 lng kta nklala. XD

Aug. 31, 2009
isng k22hanan sa buhay n lhat ng bgy ay m'ccra. Lhat ng itntyOng gusali ay mwwsak at lhat ng tao'y mwwla kh8 sa ating pgkilos ay me ng'hhwalay. Dhil n rn yn sa panga2ilangan ng pnhOn at dhil n rn yan sa pgkkroOn nito ng sense of impermanence...

Aug. 31, 2009
..kxe malayo k... Mskit icpin n mas swerte xken ang mga batang palabOy n nkkasalubOng k sa daan... Kysa sken n me pera pro di mnlng kta mksma.

Aug. 31, 2009
..50yrs k jan. After 3yrz. Magi2ng aswa qta. XD

Aug. 31, 2009
...bOo... Lam m... Kpag pnag ddudahan m aqng pnag titripan lng kta... Nlu2ngkOt aq... Kxe 2matak pla sa icp m n manlo2ko aq... Dhl dun sa gnwa nmin ky amftian... Pro mali k... Di q ggwin un sau...

Sept. 1, 2009
...tama yan... XD
kxe aq yung tamang tao sa tamang pnahOn ngunit wla sa lugar. Hehe

Sept. 8, 2009
...knna p nOh. Y_Y knna p aq nagse2los... Di lng aq nagpphalata kxe aasarin m aq. Y_Y

Sept. 10, 2009
...di nmn puro alak at yosi laman nito... Kxe sa puso lo ikw nlalaman nito. XD

Sept. 10, 2009
...ahaha... Bnawi nga... XD banat or hndi... Kw tlga nsa puso q...

Sept. 12, 2009
...ang sama lagi ng pkiramdam q pag inaaway m aq... x_x
...prang di q lam ggwin qo... Kxe nttakot aqng mwla k.

Sept. 13, 2009
..di. Npag icp2 ko knna... aq tlga ung mali sa lhat. AukOng msaktan k dhl sken. Pro nangyari prin. ...wg kang mgbago. Sa ganyang ugali m aq nhulOg.

Sept. 13, 2009
...2 lng klangan q sa buhay... Ang mksama ka. At pagsu2lat q.

Sept. 13, 2009
...uhm. Wla aq ssbhn. Blangko aq. Haha. Tnttigan q kxe pic m d2 sa cp q. XD

Sept. 17, 2009
..uhm... Edit q ha? Nabasa q n xa... Ang gnda. PunO ng damdamin ang pgkkasulat. tska neutral. Hndi bias. COntented ung s2ry. Magaling. XD

Sept. 19, 2009
"kung mta2kOy kAng hrapn ang 22o at saBhn ang tlagang nra2mdaman mO dahl bka msaktan qah, isa lng ibg saBhn nun,ipinagkait mu na sa sarli mu magng msaya at kinarir mu na ang magpakatanga"

Sept. 19, 2009
...prOmise... I love u...

Sept. 20, 2009
...kh8 di m alm... Mahal q c jhOanne gambito... Actually gs2 q xang maging aswa...

Sept. 20, 2009
...gaguhin m n aq lhat2... pro mhal kta...

Sept. 21, 2009
...di nmn aq mrunOng magsawa eh... Tska di nmn tau nag'aaway eh. Kw lng umaaway xken... XD

Sept. 22, 2009
...uhm... Dating folk singer yun... Ewan q dun... Bxta lam ko gwapo anak ng nanay at tatay ko. Tpz isang anak lng aq.

Sept. 22, 2009
...msakit nga ulo q knna bOo... Wg kn mgalit... Ttwg sau c mOt2. XD

Sept. 23, 2009
...uhm... Uu... Di kta pag ppalit... Di n rin kau ddmi kxe di kta ddagdagan... XD tska. Wg n ntin pag usapan xa. Ang m4tante. Ikw at aq... Taung 2 msaya...

Sept. 23, 1009
...wla... Sbi nya kung pwd pb ulit kmi? Txt q sknya..."uhm... Sori... Pro sbi m db it's over? So nag mOve on aq. Kxe wla aqOng mppala kung magppkalubOg aq... Tska mahal q c jhOanne... Sori tlga..."

Sept. 23, 2009
...mahal n mahal tlga kta bOo... N'alala m ung cnbi q knna sa twg?

Sept. 23, 2009
...uhm... GutOm n ulit aq bOo... Y_Y
selosa k... Hehe... Andali m tlgang mgalit at magselos...

Sept. 25, 2009
...bOo... Will yOu marry me..?

...wlang kulang yan... Pro me labis...

Sept. 26, 2009
...n'inlub aq xau kxe kw lng ung ghurl n hnhntay qO sa inbOx q... Msya aq pg nbbasa q name m nun sa inbOx q... Nkkumpleto arw q... Tska gs2 qOng mklala ng prents m blang arw... Ü

Sept. 26, 2009
...ahehe... Nli2gwan b kta arw2 bOo..? ...uhm... Kum bga... If u want ur rl8xOnxip to last..klangan lgwan arw2... kya arw2 qOng cnsbi sau n mhal kta... Kc un ung nra2mdaman q pra xau... Di q nga alm ggwn pg mwla k xken... Or kh8 fOn q maiwla q... Cgro iiyak ata aq..? At di lalabas ng roOm q...

Sept. 26, 2009
...bOo... 2log kn? ...xge... Ok yan pra mkpg rest k nmn... Bka kxe mgksakit k pag lgi kang puyat kc hihina ung resistenxa m den hhina metabolism m. Me tendency n 2maba k... XD

Sept. 26, 2009
...cge bOo... Slip tyt... Mhal n mhal kta kh8 n inaaway m aq... Hehe... XD

Sept. 26, 2009
...uu... Bwal manchix kxe wla d2 c jhOanne gambito. Un lng kxe chix q eh... Kxe mhal n mhal q un...

Sept. 27, 2009
...uhm... Hehe... Kc mhal kta eh... Ung mga bbaeng nag ppapancn sa gandang lalaki q, di q ppancnin. Ü kxe sau lng aq...

Sept. 27, 2009
...uhm... Lam nga ng brkda q kung cnu gf q eh... Ssgot cla ng jhOanne pag tnanOng. Kung ttnungin cla kung tga san at anu aplydo, wla n cla mxbi. Hehe

Sept. 27, 2009
...ndi... Ire2to ko sana ky kuya ian... Di rin nya kxe klala. Haha... Di q un li2gwan. Me nag'ma2y'ari n xken eh... kma2tay q un pag nwla ung may ari xken.

Sept. 27, 2009
..ung ng'may'ari xken..? Xa  ung taOng mhal n mhal qo n ayw kOng mwla kxe mhrap pg mwla xa. Msakit. Xa ung buhay qo. Xa ung arw2 kOng nli2gwan... Xa c jhOanne. Ü

Sept. 27, 2009
...uhm... Ung pnahOng mgkksama kmi ni jhOanne. Prmanente un. Pro ung pagkklayo? TempOrary lng un. Ü

Sept. 28, 2009
...gnun nb tlga bOo tngn m? Ung di kta mhal? Kung di k mnnwla xa mga cnsbi q... Ok lng un... Ppkta q nlng xau how much i love u... Di q gs2 ung cnbi m ng ay q xau... Kung pwd nga lng eh tirikan m ng kandila ung dib2 q. Kxe patay n patay aq xau... Tska mhal nmn kta eh. (mraming beses q n to cnbi pro to ung 22o)

Sept. 28, 2009
...di q kyang iwana qa nOh! Kh8 tadtarin m aq ng mura di q un ggwn.

Sept. 28, 2009
....di kya..! Parte ung pag'aadjust. Pro di nmn aq magsa2wa sa ugali m eh. Tska bka aq nga plitan m eh.

Sept. 28, 2009
...xge n... Aalis n aq sa bp bukas... Ang hrap n2... Di q kya... Mas lalo aqng nhhrapan pag n'ggalit k xken... Tska nppagod n aq sa mga gngwa qo... Kkbd3p srli q.. Kung bk8 gn2 p tntxt q sa knya kh8 joke lng... Sus.. K'inis n buhay to... Kelan kya aq mgttno. Di aq guilty kc di nmn un 220 eh. Bd3p lng kxe n'niwla xa.

Sept. 28, 2009
...di kta gnagago... Kya nga kta pnli kysa ky jean kc mahal kta!! SObra p sa buhay qo... Pg mwla k. Ikkmtay q! Tska pnli kung ubusin pera q pra sau. Pro balewala un. Material n bgay lng un! Pnli qOng pmunta ng mkati pra mksama k. Imbes n bOhol ung bkaxOn q. Pnli kta kc mhal kta. Di kta pnli pra gagujin k... Mhal n mhal kta!

Sept. 28, 2009
...mhal kta..! At 22o un! Di nmn aq arw2 mgppload qung di lng xau... D aq mggng msya kung wla k! Di q rin mkuhang magmura minsan kc bnago m aq.

Sept. 29, 2009
...haaaayz... Cnbi q un... Pro di qo kyang iwan k..! Mbigat ung bnibntang m xken. Kxe di un 22o. Tska ung mga mura m... Nsaktan aq dun. Pro di nlng aq nag'ingay... Kc lam kOng mhal kta... Pnli kta kysa dun sa una. Pnli kOng pmunta jan kysa ibng lugar. Mnahal kta kc ikw lng ang mundo q. Pro nging gn2 tau. MlunglOt pro 22o...

Sept. 29, 2009
...di qta pnli pra mgng pnakip butas... Kung gnun un. Dpat pnli q nlng xa. Pnli kta kc mhal kta. Alm ng brkda q yan. Takte... Kk'inis.

Sept. 29, 2009
...sus..! Naniwla k agd xa knya... Xa nkkpgblikan xken... Kung gn2 lng pg'aawayan ntin. Non'sense. Nani2wla k sa knya n gs2ng sumira sa atin pro di k n'ni2wla xken n gs2ng mpbuti relaxon ntin.

Oct. 2, 2009
...di aq msya pag wla kn... Iniicp q lng, nhhrapan n aq. Y_Y
Ikw ung taOng hnhanap q. Wla ng ibng jhOanne gambito sa mundo.

Oct. 3, 1009
...ngppktanga n aq...

...ngppk'martir n aq...

Pra di m lng aq hwlayan... Pro wasak prin.. Di n aq msya.

...kung mhal m aq. Ppiliin mOng manatili sa buhay qo... At di m aq sasaktan. Di m aq aawayin...

Oct. 5, 2009
...'cOz i love u...
And i'm hOping dat i'l nvr recOver...

Oct. 5, 2009
...swrte aq xau... Kc kh8 n'gwa q nun n m'loko kta... Inaccept m prin aq. Pro n'realize q tlgang di q dpat gnwang saktan k. Kc mahal kta...

Oct. 6, 2009
Pnphrapan m aq sa mga cnsbi m... Huhu... BOo... Di aq n2 mkk2log... Kung di k mnlng mkOncxa bOo... M'awa kn lng sken. PLs. ;-(

Ocr. 6, 2009
...bOo... Di nmn mangya2ri n iiwanan kta. Kh8 anOng ctwaxOn... Kc mhal kta sObra. At di mgbbgo un...

Oct. 9, 2009
10:38:01am kya gmgwa ng ikase2los m... Hehe... Pro okz lng un... Lalo ktang mnamahal kpag nagse2los k. XD

Oct. 9, 2009
...c jhOanne ungbOo qo... Wla xa d2 eh... Nag iisang mhal q lng un...

Oct. 10, 2009
...prng n'aawa aq sa ating 2... Di q lam ggwin q. Di kta m'aalagaan... Ewan qo qOng tama to... Haaaaaaayz...

Oct. 10, 2009
...di q lam qOng tanga aq... Di q lam qOng martir aq... Bxta..! Gs2 qOng smahan k sa prOblema... Hanggang sa mpagod n aq...

Oct. 10, 2009
...di q n xa bblikan... Ayw q nrin mgkron ng iba... Prng n'trauma n ata aq... Lging ngkkproblema lht ng relaxOn q... At ang pnka mskit. Ung xau...

Oct. 10, 2009
02:12:28am tlga... Puro klokohan... BOy c baby? Aq n magppangalan. Ü

Oct. 10, 2009
...hndi m4tante buhay q..!!
...ikw ang m4tante xken! AuqOng mwla k pro pra lng mklmutan q ung xkit! Gs2 qng umiwas... AuqOng mgng tanga pro gnun din un!
...auqOng mgng martir pro anOng ggwn ko!
...auq ng mghnap ng iba... Alm m n kung bk8! Ikw lng mundo ko! Pro nwsak ang lhat ng to!

Oct. 11, 2009
...weeee... Gud mOrning baby chico... Ü

Oct. 12, 2009
...mhalin m c baby gaya ng pgmmhal m xken ha?

Oct. 12, 2009
...uhm... Ang saya tlga pag xa pnag uusapan ntin... Iba ung pkirmdm. Prng ama aq sa knya... Ü mas mtindi ung saya kysa sa lambingan ntin... Ü

Oct. 12, 2009
...uhm... Ang saya q di mppntayan pg xa topic ntin.,kakaiba... Gngwa nyang kmpleto arw q.. At swit m lgi sa knya. Kc nkkipaglaro k...Ü

Oct. 16, 2009
...hndi kta... Niloko... Gnusto q lng n klimutan m aq... Pro mhrap pla... Lasing n aq ngeun... Di n aq pmasOk sa final exam namin... Kxe mgulO icp q... Ikw prin iniicp q...

Oct. 16, 2009
...m'ni2wla k sa mga bgay n naiisip m... Alm qo... Nkapinid n utak m sa lhat ng ssbhn qo... Di q n mrrnasan ang himasin ang tiyan m... Bobo ko tlga... Bwal k m'stress pro gnwa q un... Pcnxa n... Gn2 aq kbobo pra di ko maisip un... Di aq mpakali nung mlaman q un... Isa nga tlga aqng selfish... Di q inicp kasiyahan mOng ksma m aq... Pro di n mbblik ung galak. Dhl sa lungkOt n dnanas m.

Oct. 17, 2009
.,reasOn n mgpanggap aqOng patay... Kc mraming ngttnOng kung anu ggwn qo... Isa lng sgot qo... bblik aq sau... Pro lgi aqOng tntwg n martir at tanga... Kh8 gs2 q mngyari un... Pro pnpglitan n aq... Pro mhal kta...

Oct. 17, 2009
Ü hapi bday. Ü

Oct. 17, 2009
...uu... Tanggap q c baby chico... Kxe gling xa xauh... Ü
Oct. 17, 2009
...ngaung ktxt kta... Pkiramdam q wla ng prOblema mmya sa exam q... Kh8 di aq nag'aral... XD
...kc knna plng... Cnagot m ulit aq... XD 

Oct. 17, 2009
...ahehe... I love u bOo... Wla taung break ha? XD COvenant with GOD to ah?

Oct. 17, 2009
...kh8 mgalit k... Wla n taung hwlayan... Tau n... 4ever... XD

Oct. 17, 2009
06:41:44pm ng yaya namin nlagay lng nya rw sa figurine... Ewan...yaan m n... 500 lng un... Mas m4tante c jhOanne... Ü
...kh8 limang 500 mwla wg lng ung buntis ngeun ang mwla xken... XD

Oct. 17, 2009
...ahehe... Bxta... M4tante k xken bOo... I cnt evn learn 2 live w/o u... Ü

Oct. 17, 2009
...Oh? 10 nb..? Gs2 q xanang gwng unli i love u... XD
...Kc ung lub q sau prng numbers lng... nvr ends... XD

Oct. 17, 2009
...alm m..? Kung mgksma taung inaaway m aq... Wla aqng m'icp n panuyo... Kundi kiz lng... XD ikw lng mkk'ranas n kc ung mkk2luyan q...Ü
tau n ikkasal...

Oct. 21, 2009
...di kta bnObOla! Cnsbi qOng mhal kta kc un ang tOtOo! Gs2 kta akpin pro di q mgwa! Gs2 ktang hlikan sa pisngi pro tiis lng muna aq! Gs2 kta alagaan pro mlayo k! AnOng ggwn q?

Oct. 21, 2009
...alm qo... 21 ngeun! Gs2 m sbhn q sau ung 22o? Gmgwa aq ng fansign knna... Di nga lng aq mkpag icp ng mgndang design sa gngwa qo... Ntgalan aqng bmili ng mga gmit pra ayusin at picturan qo..! Syang lng effOrt qo! Wla n kwenta... Break n pla tau!

Oct. 21, 2009
...m22log nlng aq..! Gudnyt "bOo"
"hapi mOnthsari"
xana msya "kn" ngeun!

Oct. 22, 2009
...pbor?! N'iinis aq pg cnsbi mOng "break n tau!"
...kc di m lng alm ganu ksakit! Ayw qOng mwla k xken kh8 wla aq tym prati...
...kc nde nmn buOng oras q pra xau... Alalahanin mOng me kaibgan aq... Me mga k'klase... Gs2 q rin mk'bOnding brkda q. HObbies q... Mkpg cOmputer... Pro pnagkkait m... Alm m bng ikw lng bbae sa buhay q?

Oct. 22, 2009
...i lOve u bOo-ntis... XD

Oct. 23, 2009
...ayiii...! Swit tlga ng bOo'ntis n to... XD
...selosa nga lng... XD

Oct. 23, 2009
...uu... Ang swit mOng mama...
...prng bata nga lng aq eh... Kh8 ilang beses m aq minumura at binibreakan/iwan... Pgblik m... Buong puso prin ktang tnatanggap n prng wlng nangyari... Ü

Oct. 26, 2009
Gago k tlga...
SObrang hrap!
Pnapaiyak m aq lgi! Anal turing q sa baby m pro gngnyan m xa.

Oct. 27, 2009
...bk8 aq..? Iniintndi m rn? Ikw nga lng mhal q eh...! Ikw n sana ppkasalan q... Lht ng bgay n mkpgppsaya sau ang lgi qOng iniicp...

Nov. 1, 2009
...last n to...

I love u... Pkiz aq ah..? Mwuaaahhh... XD

phug n rin... Hmmmmp... XD


Nov. 1, 2009
...uu... Di aq umiiyak sa padel or kh8 cgaw lng... Bde nmn c jhOanne gambito ung nagppaiyak xken eh... Xa lng me abilidad nun... XD

Nov. 23, 2009
...sakit q? *mingaw aq ha imu*

Nov. 25, 2009
...xge2... Gudnyt "bOo"
...miz n kta... Ü
...panu b yan? Mhhrpan k mg'mOve on... XD
...I love u...

Nov. 25, 2009
...MNRK= miz n rin kta...
MNMPRK= mhal n mhal p rin kta... XD

...Kya n'getz q... Kc gnun din nrrmdman q pra xau... I love u bOo...Ü

Nov. 29, 2009
 .mahirAp mgtagO ng isang sekreto Lalo na kOng ang sikretOng itinatagO mo ay ang mismOng bgay n gusto mong ipgcgawan sa buOng mundo ..

Nov. 30, 2009
Anu b gs2 mOng sgOt?

Grbe k nmn. hnapin m tlga ung sgOt?

Mhal dn kta!

Nov. 30, 2009
11:49:38pm kc po bOo... Di aq ung taOng nagppumilit... Pag ayw ng isang tao di q pplitin... Kc bka naiirita lng xa. gaya ng pnkta m. Prang naiirita k xken. Kya un.Y_Y

Dec. 3, 2009
...ala nmn aqng # sa knya... Tska di q nmn xa klangan sa buhay q... C jhOanne lng...

Dec. 3, 2009
...pmantayan? Mhrap kc idsryb eh... Prng gn2 ata... "kung mhal kta, wla clang mggwa... Kundi sundin aq, kc sa pg'ibg. Wlng bwal kung tma ang gngwa m"

Dec. 3, 2009
...di nmn klangan n wlng anak o kya bunits kpg mgmmhal... EmOxOn pnag uusapan sa pg ibg... Nde ang yaman o kya status ng buhay... Bwal lng ang me aswa n.

Dec. 4, 2009
...kya nga... Dun lng aq sa chix qOng c jhOanne gambito... LOve q xa... Wlng pplit sa trOnO nya sa puso q... Ü

Dec. 4, 2009
,.di mangya2ri un..! Mhal kta! Di cla mkkpag dikta ng gs2 q.Oo, lalaki aq. Gago aq. Pro nde aq bxta2 mgppkuha at mgppgmit sa ibng mga bbae.. Xau lng.

Dec. 5, 2009
Ung prng cnbi m xken nOon n mghanap nlng aq ng "better" sau... Pro mali pla... How can i find a better one if i had d best... At ikw un..!

Dec. 5, 2009
...kya di kta inaaway kc wla nmn aqng dhlan pra awayin k... Nkk'trauma ang paulit ulit n break up... Ü
kya pnapahalagahan kta...

Dec. 5, 2009
...ahaha... Cla brkda q... Mggnda un... Pro ikw... Gf q... Mas mgnda k dun... At mhal kta... Cla di q mhal o kh8 kras n lng...

Dec. 6, 2009
...cnabi p... Nilagyan n ni poi ng no trespassing ung puso nya... Pra wla ng ppasok at mkki'epal... Pra di n awayin ni sexy c pogi... XD

Dec. 6, 2009
...ahaha... Kc mhal ni pogi c sexy... Di n ggwin un ni pogi. Ung mglit ulit c sexy... SObrang mhal ni pogi ung c sexy...

Dec. 6, 2009
...nde kya..! M4tante k xken at wlng ktpusan ung pgmmhal q xau... Kya lng ung term paper me deadline. Ikw wla.

Dec. 8, 2009
07:21:24am Y_Y
tke gud cre of urself... Kc wla aq jan pra alagaan k... T.T

Dec. 8, 2009
...mhal ni pogi c sexy... Mhal ni sexy c pogi... Ang mhal nla nOh Haha... Keso... Ü

Dec. 11, 2009
...kc ikw eh..! Nla2mbing n nga kta knna kc n'miz kta... Nung mga arw n wla kang lOad... Di q nga hnhwkan fOn q kc ala nmn aqng ittxt. Di aq intresado sa mga tao. Ikw nga lng iniicp qo pti ung sitwaxOn m. Tpz bgla kang mgttxt. Tpz aawayin m aq. Nkkbd3p!

Dec. 12, 2009
...mhal ni pogi c sexy... Mhal ni sexy c pogi... Ang mhal nla nOh? Haha... Keso...

Dec. 13, 2009
01:27:40pm bztfrnd q nmn tlga un eh... Tska wg k mag alala... Di aman kta nlo2ko eh. 22o aq xau... Tska mhal nmn kta eh. Bukas, bka mgkalOad n aq. (*name nya)

Dec. 15, 2009
...wla aqng mggwa kung nagdOubt k... Bxta aq cgurado aq... Mhal n mhal q kxe ung "isa" jan... Ayw qOng mglit, msaktan, umiyak at mghwlay kmi...

Dec. 24, 2009
...merry xmas jhO...

Jan. 1, 2010
...jho- hapi new year...

Jan. 1, 2010
..akap? Ibg sbhin n-miz qta. Or auqng mwla kp. Or jxt a smple i lub u. XD

Jan. 4, 2010
Jho. Gudnyt sau. Lgi q hnhnty txt m pro ala aqng nttanggap... Pro ok lng aq... Kya q to.,

Jan. 10, 2010
Pra kang lolo ko... Sbi q knna "kw nlng mgslta" tpz sbi m. "c sarah?" Haha. Tpz sbi q rn knna. Xori pla di aq nktwg khpOn. Gaya prin aq ng dati. Mkklimutin kh8 di busy nkklmutan q prin 2mwg... Tska pra aqng gago kgbi. 3:12am. Nag ol aq sa ym. Hnhnty kta mag ol. Haha. Ewan q kung bk8 naicp qOng hntyn k?

Jan. 12, 2010
Sgutin m n jho pls,. Huhu.. Knna p aq iyk ng iyk kc di m cnsgot fon m,. mbgat sa pkrmdm.